What is AYEN Space

What is AYEN Space

AYEN Space is the name we apply to the interior of our website. Accessible only through membership, this is where the ‘magic’ takes place, where can be found the services that make AYEN the versatile platform that it is.

Pitching centre

If you have an idea that’s just bursting out of your head, show it to us. Our pitching centre is open to all members to get constructive feedback and tips on their ideas. When you go into the real world with your idea, you need to know how to properly pitch it. That’s what we’re here for!

What is the pitching centre?

The pitching centre is a service open to registered members which allows them to upload their ideas and pitch it to us. The submission can be in any form but it must be a complete pitch. Based on the pitch, our panel of experts will provide feedback, tips on strengthening the pitch, and other ideas to make your pitch ready for the real world. Don’t go out there unarmed – come to us and get equipped!

How to use the pitching centre?

How do I get my results?

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Job opportunities for youth entrepreneurs

In AYEN space, we also bring together our members with corporations looking for an outsource company. We realise that going out there with your Junior Enterprise and looking for jobs and projects could prove difficult. Business development is a skill and networking takes time. So, we established this platform for corporations and other parties interested in hiring Junior Enterprises to list their jobs, saving our members the time needed to ‘pound the pavement’.

Who can respond to the request?

Non-AYEN members can view the job listings but only registered members can click through to the details and respond. This is a service we extend exclusively to our registered members.

Mentors to help you deliver your job

AYEN maintains a roster of experience professionals from various industries as mentors. These mentors are available to help you with your jobs

Professionals reachable near you

Search here for any professors or teachers in your location to help you in your projects.

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What is the role of a mentor?

Our mentors are qualified and experienced industry professionals from various disciplines. Their purpose is to provide guidance to our students in their projects, whether in execution or the technical aspects. Our mentors know their industry, the important changes, new practices and industry trends that you should know. They will be able to give you valuable insights into your field, which you would not know through academic exposure. Please note that the mentors will not be part of your team. They will also not undertake to complete any section of your projects or jobs for you. Their role is purely advisory.

Send email to mentors

Our roster of mentors are able and willing to field any question from you. Please keep your questions pertinent to your project and supply any supporting documents. Many of our mentors are volunteers, so they may not be reachable at all times and may take a day or more to respond. This service is available to our registered members only.

Some videos

Here you can find several videos from our activities featuring our mentors.

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Help desk

If you have a problem, and need an immediate response, contact our help desk. The help desk is for questions pertaining to AYEN, the website, our competitions, managing Junior Enterprises and other JE related questions, and other general questions about AYEN. The help desk is not for technical questions on any of our competitions (film, engineering, etc). These must be sent to the respective mentor.

How to get in touch with us

You will need to email us here:
Kindly allow 24 hours for a response.

Online chat

Get in touch with other members for realtime discussions! Our online chat system is accessible here.


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Why do we organise competitions?

Competitions will play a major role in our activities. Competitions will be used to disburse seed funds and our partner JADE will be able to perform evaluations on the JEs by viewing the submitted projects for each competition. They will serve as a barometer for the progress of JEs in ASEAN. There were many methods we considered to stimulate JEs, such as traditional didactic lectures, roadshows and others. However, competitions won out in the end as they bring out the competitive spirit in students. Asia is fertile soil for competitions, and knowing that there is competition, plus a healthy dose of inter-university rivalry (friendly, of course!), the students are obliged to learn if they want to win. Simply making funds available through application usually will not produce the desired effect. Through a competition, the students will have to work for their seed funds, rather than simply submitting a proposal.

Advantage for universities

Advantage for students

Film competition

Our MY SUSTAINABLE COUNTRY film competition is a call for students submissions of a documentary showcase grassroots positive sustainable actions and the resulting impact in their country. This includes how the community is embracing sustainability, the levels of sustainability people are capable of creating and how they manage to achieve these.

This competition offers students the chance to win USD10,000 seed funds to start a Junior Enterprise.

This is a team competition. Students must form a team of 12 (10 + 2 reserve) to participate.

This competition is open to students up to age 30 in the following countries:

The ASEAN countries of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam; China; Korea; Japan; Taiwan; and Oman.

Registration is now open and ends on 30th November 2016.

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Our client, an important international Asian film production house, wants to develop a multi-purpose media building in Kuala Lumpur for use by multiple countries in Asia. The design for this building, for now called the International Organisation HQ, will be determined via a contest open to registered AYEN members taking courses in relevant faculties.

The aim of this contest is to propose to the client a design concept for the HQ. This competition offers students the chance to win USD10,000 seed funds to start a Junior Enterprise. This is a team competition.

Students must form a team of 12 (10 + 2 reserve) to participate. This competition is open to Malaysian universities with relevant faculties (architecture, civil engineering).

Registration is from 1st October to 15th October 2016.

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Bio technology and sciences

Competitions in these fields coming soon!


Competitions in these fields coming soon!

General guidelines for all competitions

General information & mentors intervention

All competitions under AYEN platform are designed to guide youths by providing practical experiences and close the employment skills gap, developing Junior Enterprise model and concept within their university。 Mentoring sessions will be provided by stages during the competition, as to advise, guide and support the youth on the know-how solution to make a successful career path and understand the “commercial value” and become the job creator to the community.

Creating a competition team

1. A citizen or legal resident of any one of the AYEN network countries.
2. Currently enrolled at a university located in one of the AYEN network countries. 3. An undergraduate or postgraduate, or equivalent in your country.

The competitions are designed as team activities and cannot be undertaken by a single student. Form a team of twelve (12) members comprising ten (10) active members and two (2) in reserve. Each team must have appointed a professor or other academic staff member from your university as an advisor, or are able to get one by the time the competitions starts.

Register your team to compete

All team members are required to register on AYEN website as member. The registration fee is USD 10 per member.

Please click here for registration: REGISTRATION LINK