The My Sustainable Country DOCUMENTARY film competition

What are the sustainability initiatives on your country? Don’t tell us – show us, through the My Sustainable Country documentary film competition.

Through this competition, learn the ropes of operating a production house environment while producing a documentary film telling the world about your country’s commitment to sustainabililty. Learn about ‘commercial value’ and what it takes to make a successful film production.

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production guidelines

The documentary must follow specific guidelines in order to be eligible for judging.

The link below will take you to the guidelines page.

GUIDELINES mentoring

Elimination process

The competition will be held in two phases. The first phase elimination involves shortlisting teams based on their treatments. The second round elimination will be based on the documentary film produced. The winner will be selected based on their presentation to a panel of renowned judges.

Take note! The winning documentary, if the judges deem it worthy, can be submitted to an international film festival for screening.

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Phase I: Elimination Process

Each team to submit ONE complete treatment of the documentary film in document file (.doc).

Phase II: Completion of Documentary Film

Each selected team to submit a complete documentary film.

Each country will select a documentary film to represent the country to compete on the Asian level.


Phase I: Elimination Process

The selection is based on the treatment of each documentary film.

Phase II: Completion of Documentary Film

The judging will be on:

1. Organisation of resources and the efficiency of a full-fledged production house operation

2. Documentary Film

winner-right of film

The best documentary on the Asian level will receive USD 10,000* seed fund to start a Junior Enterprise.

The best documentary in Asian level will be screened in public and submitted to international film festivals in the documentary film category, upon decision by the jury.

By participating to this competition, the students grant AYEN all rights to use the film.

The copyrights for the documentary films will be owned by the respective teams.

*Terms and Conditions apply


The students are to produce a documentary film based on the theme of MY SUSTAINABLE COUNTRY.

The idea behind this theme is to get students to showcase any grassroots positive sustainable action in their community and the resulting impact in their country. This includes how the community is embracing sustainability, the levels of sustainability people are capable of creating and how they manage to achieve these.

The documentary should bring forth this key message from different people and industries, across all ages and without borders.


The competition will be judge by a group of professionals from Asia, Europe and the USA.