The Asian Youth Entrepreneurs Network was established to be the platform in Asia for the catalysation of Junior Enterprises and youth entrepreneurship. Through our initiatives, we intend to promote Asian youth engaging in their own businesses as an avenue to break the looming employment crisis in the region.

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Pitching centre

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Job opportunities

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Win seed funds for your junior enterprise by taking part in our competitions. These hold the key to a right start in the entrepreneurial sphere. For only USD 10 a year, you can take part as many competitions as you want.

Deadline for the documentary film competition extended to mid-February 2017!

Supporting young entrepreneurs

In order for AYEN develop into a platform to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs, we will require partners on a local and international level. Joining us will not only be an investment into the future of your country but also the Asian Region.

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Social media plays an important role in promoting AYEN and our activities.

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